The elusive moment

The other night while at work in the middle of a 12 hour shift for me, 16 hour shift for my lpn, we started talking randomly like we always do when we start getting really tired and hit the wall. We got onto the topic of people feeling that “magical moment” where they just know that the person they are with is “the one”. Neither of us have ever felt that in our 33 years of life. We’ve never even came close. We seem to date guys that are unattainable in a sense. Ones that will never settle down, never truly love you, never truly care. Yet after all these years, we haven’t changed our taste in men.

But is there really that magical moment? Do people actually feel that? Do they actually meet their person and are able to build a beautiful life together? Is that even something that can happen with how people treat each other now a days? Maybe I’m just missing something. Maybe I’m just missing the social cues of someone truly caring for me and chasing the guys who don’t.

And then I start to think because what else is there to do at 3am in the middle of a long shift. What if I don’t want that magical moment? Even though I do want the happily ever after fairy tale love story that I’ll never admit to anyone. I just don’t hear anyone talk about finding their person anymore. They are with someone who treats them ok and works, so that seems to be enough. Have we lowered our standards over the years? I just don’t have the answers. And tonight I seem to need answers. Answers to questions that I know are impossible or just won’t get answered.

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